AleFest Dayton is the longest-running craft beer festival in Ohio, celebrating its 20th year in 2018, in the heart of downtown Dayton. Some 180+ breweries are expected to present over 250 beers to a crowd of 3,000+ during the afternoon salute to craft brewing.

AleFest Dayton gives your company exposure to the entire brewing community and those who love craft beer. From the smallest brewpub to the largest brewery, from the novice attendee to the dedicated beer geek, thousands of beer lovers and homebrewers from the region will converge in Dayton for an afternoon of sampling the best craft beers from around the world.

The festival draws a diverse crowd, with active, 21-45 year-old professionals as the largest demographic. The event is great fun! Interest in craft beer spans generations and is most prevalent among patrons with high household incomes, education levels, and disposable income. These attractive patron demographics present a highly effective level of exposure for your brand at an affordable investment.

Beer festivals should be about more than getting blitzed on tiny glasses of beer. At their best, they showcase the spirit of community and collaboration that makes the craft beer industry exciting for so many fans. The goal of AleFest Dayton is to showcase American Craft Beer while supporting the Dayton Community. A portion of the proceeds from the event benefits nonprofit organizations working everyday to make the Dayton region a better place to live, work and play!